Jeremy Khawaja

A Quick Introduction to Algebraic Coding Theory

Linear Codes

Codes. We use them all the time in computation. But what really are they? Perhaps, we think about various codes used in old war times: Morse Code, The Navajo code, the enigma code broken by various mathematicians including Alan Turing.

Whatever we may be thinking of, every code is simply a set of codewords that are written using some . . .

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April 13, 2015

How to teach Mathematics

The Self-Reinforcing Loop

It is commonly discussed as to whether mathematics should be taught via a "concrete" or an "abstract" curriculum. I have decided that it must be both and neither.

If we were to ask: what is mathematics? You would invariably get an immense diversity of answers from both 'pros' and 'amateurs'. However, one . . .

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January 06, 2015

Programming is *So* Not Mathematics

Sarcasm over 9000

I couldn't make this a lengthy comment on any of the articles I have been reading lately ... so I will now use the history of both subjects to create a rigorous argument for why programming is NOT mathematics!

Mathematics -

1.) Gottfried Leibniz, a highly prominent mathematician in the 17th century, created this machine to help him do . . .

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July 18, 2014